Simply Sold Property Reviews- What Others Say…

It’s important to us that the homeowners we work with have a great experience with us. In the end, we’re not happy if we’re not able to provide you with the solution you want. So, check out what others have said about us and left Simply Sold Property Reviews.

” I owned for 30 years and had never sold a house before at age 59. Very nervous and unsure what to do, we leaned heavily on Simply Sold. Worried at first about scams / low ball offers, they quickly answered our worries and helped us sell at a fair price in 2 weeks. Their concern for us will never be forgotten “

Melinda & Joe

Charles sold us his rental property from St. Louis & got his asking price in 10 days!

“I would not have sold my house if it were not for you guys making things so easy”

Charles M (St. Louis)

Who: Charles has several rental properties he manages from St. Louis and had been told his property in High Point was having some issues

What: Charles had us handle all of the repairs and decided to work with us because we got him his asking price, paid cash, and closed when he choose to in two weeks

Simply Sold Property Review: 5/5

Where: High Point, NC

Clarence a fair cash offer and closed in 2 weeks!

Who: Retired home owner who was staying out of the area and had plans to fix the property one day himself

What: Wanted the convenience and efficiency of a we buy houses company to make him a fair cash offer for his house.

Simply Sold Property Review: 5/5

Where: Reidsville, NC

What do you do when a tree falls on your house during a pandemic at 26 years old! While time was not on their side as each time it rained, more damage added up! These first time home owners had no idea what to do or who to call, and were busy handling insurance claims in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic. We were able to get them more than what they orginally paid after purchase price and insurance. They no longer had to worry about any of the repairs or hassle of trying to get this house back to living condition.

Who: First time home buyers

What: We handled all repairs and made sure this situation did not get worse by getting them cash quick and easy to have a fresh start at their new place!

Simply Sold Property Review: 5/5

Where: Lake Jeanette, NC

Who: Robert got cash without having to use a realtor or worry about the hassle of getting his tenants out of the property.

What: Worked with us to get cash quick, not have to hire an agent or worry about any repairs and move on to his next project.

Simply Sold Property Review: 5/5

Where: High Point NC

This property was one that we had flipped and purchased from the bank!

Where: Lincolnton NC

Who: We bought this property note from a company in California!

What: We are carrying this note out, foreclosing on the property which allows us to set the highest bid. We plan to keep this property as a rental as it is close to High Point Univeristy

Where: High Point, NC

“I enjoyed doing business with Simply Sold and would work with them again” -Bob Hight

They made the process easier than dealing with an agent and I liked how you only had to come out to the property one time. Closing was on time and professionally handled

Bob H