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Relax, let us handle the repairs and paperwork knowing we are an accredited business with raving 5 star reviews. We want our agreements signed as much as you want to sell your house, and the only way this will happen is if we make you a great offer you will be happy with! So, check out what others have said about us and left Simply Sold Property Reviews.

“Seems too good to be true”

Mike Simply Sold Property Review

Who: Mike owned this property for over 12 years and we had sent him a text out of the blue inquiring about his house. He was VERY skeptical at first and was not sure if we were serious or just another company reaching out to waste their time with a low ball offer. Liam spoke with Mike almost every other day during the escrow process and truly think we became friends as we always talked about our golf game! We eared Mike’s trust and were able to net him the number he was looking to walk away with!

What: Out of State Rental Property

Where: Oklahoma City, OK

Simply Sold From Texas

Heaven Sent

Best Home Buyer in NC

Who: Mrs. Carla owned this property since 1997 and was tired of keeping up with the house after her husband had passed. We were able to work with Carla on buying the home as is and allowed her to leave behind any unwanted items so it was not as stressful as a moving process. The move had stressed Carla out and she felt rushed. Since we are not using bank loans, it is very easy for us to be flexible on closing! We gave Mrs. Carla an extra week to move out which de-stressed the move

What: Life Long Home

Where: Greensboro, NC

Efficient & Easy Sale

Who: Roland owned this property while living in Missouri and was looking for a more convenient, efficient way to sell his house without having to go through making repairs for inspections or having the tedious showings, appraisals and realtor fees.

What: Family Property

Where: Winston-Salem, NC

Simply Sold From Texas

Who: Lisa owned this property for over 25 years and was ready to sell it and move on to another project. We helped Lisa sell without having to go to the property or Florida for closing! We had a notary come by for her to sign the closing documents and overnighted them back to the attorneys in Florida. We also assisted Lisa with ensuring her 1031 exchange went smoothly so the proceeds were tax free!

What: Long term rental property

Where: Jacksonville, FL

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Quick & Easy Move To Florida

Simply Sold Property Reviews

Who: Sharri and Todd had their property up for sale by owner and had multiple offers. Our difference maker was that we were able to close quick with cash and did not have to do any appraisals or inspections. We gave the sellers 2k in Non Refundable Due Diligence money so they could relax in FL knowing their property was sold

What: Single Family Vacation Home When in Town

Where: Statesville, NC

First Time Home Seller

Who: Margaret had an issue with one of her tenants where after the eviction, she had poured concrete down the drains causing Margaret to have to redo the plumbing not only for her house but for the entire street. After this had happened and she made the repairs she just wanted to sell her property without having to go through showings and hassle. We were able to net Margaret more than if she were to list the property after paying 6% agent commissions and 1-2% in closing costs.

What: Long Term Rental Property

Where: Atlanta, GA

Seniors Downsizing

Who: Ken & Glenda had owned this property for 20+ years and were looking to sell after moving to Summerfield NC into a smaller property with beautiful land.

What: Life Long Home

Where: Greensboro, NC

Saving Doug’s House From Foreclosure


The owner of this house came to me behind on payments looking for a solution to sell. He lost his job during the pandemic and had to take another opportunity in Florida…

Trying to keep up with everything, the seller got a call from the neighbors that the house had been broken into. Windows were shattered and appliances had been stolen from the kitchen and basement. (Do you know how long it takes to get a fridge right now 😂)

As we considered backing out of the deal, I could not imagine the sellers frustration / anger.

Although, I had an idea. His bank gave him mortgage forbearance until the end of the year (Meaning he had until Jan 1st to get caught up on payments)

We offered him a solution: make sure the property stays out of foreclosure while replacing / repairing all of the stolen items and selling the house for him while he works in Florida.

“You’re too young to buy my house”, “id rather work with someone older”, “You don’t have your license”… I’ve heard it all.

What: Doug’s House in Clemmons

Where: Clemmons, NC

Netting More Than Listing

Who: Bob was looking to sell his house fast to get a fresh start in Kentucky after recently retiring

A Look Into The Numbers

Similar House next door sold at $315,000. They paid 6% to an agent and 1-2% in closing costs which resulted in them walking away with around $280,000 – $290,000.

Simply Sold offered Bob $300,000 cash for his home where he didnt have to pay any agents or closing costs as we covered all fees for him. He was able to net 10,000 – 15,000 more than if he were to list the house, and he chose his closing date! (No waiting on loans or appraisals)

What: Long Term Family Home

Where: Charlotte, NC

Charlotte Rental Property

Who: Mossaab was managing his property from New Mexico and decided it was time to sell. We were able to simplify the process by not having to bother his tenant with multiple showings, inspections and appraisals. One quick showing to get some pictures and to see the place. We agreed on a price and sent all of the closing documents so he did not have to make the trip back to NC!

What: Rental Property

Where: Charlotte, NC

Relocating To Michigan

Who: The Perez family was packing stuff up when I found their house on the market and were looking for a trusted buyer. They even had offers higher than mine, but were aware that the other offers may ask them do to some of the repairs like fix a few windows, replace the roof etc. We handled everything for them and closed even a week in advance so they could head up early!

What: The Perez’s family property in High Point

Where: High Point, NC

“I thought you were coming to buy T-Shirts”

Who: Becky was outside of a neighboring property that we had an appointment at! We came up to her house and saw that she was having a yard sale and asked whats all for sale. Luckily for us, she was looking to sell the house too and we got her a higher cash offer than what she would have got on the market! Thank you for trusting our process Becky

What: Becky’s family property near High Point University

Where: High Point, NC

Simply Sold From St. Louis

Charles sold us his rental property from St. Louis & got his asking price in 10 days!

“I would not have sold my house if it were not for you guys making things so easy”

Charles M (St. Louis)

Who: Charles has several rental properties he manages from St. Louis and had been told his property in High Point was having some issues

What: Charles had us handle all of the repairs and decided to work with us because we got him his asking price, paid cash, and closed when he choose to in two weeks

Simply Sold Property Review: 5/5

Where: High Point, NC

Selling a Rental Property?


Ben was a straight shooter kind of guy and we are too! Ben said, “I will not sell unless I were to get $145,000” and did not want to waste time if we could not do so. The property was rented to long term tenants with large dogs, snakes and various other animals! We were able to make the $145,000 work and close on his timeline. Thanks for trusting us to get things done Ben!

Who: Long term landlord in Greensboro

What: Selling his rental property that was needing some work! Didnt have to bother the tenant and we even helped him move into his new home by covering his security deposit.

Simply Sold Property Review: 5/5

Where: Greensboro, NC

Selling an Inherited Home?

When you live in Raleigh and own a property that you inherited from your father, we were able to offer Mr. & Mrs. Starr a great offer while allowing them to skip over inspections, repairs and agent comissions.

Who: Inheriting a property you want to sell

What: We handled all repairs and were able to get the sellers cash quick and easy

Simply Sold Property Review: 5/5

Where: High Point, NC

We Paid Late Property Taxes!

Who: Retired home owner who was staying out of the area and had plans to fix the property one day himself

What: Wanted the convenience and efficiency of a we buy houses company to make him a fair cash offer for his house.

Simply Sold Property Review: 5/5

Where: Reidsville, NC

The Guyer St Rentals

Who: Robert got cash without having to use a realtor or worry about the hassle of getting his tenants out of the property.

What: Worked with us to get cash quick, not have to hire an agent or worry about any repairs and move on to his next project.

Simply Sold Property Review: 4/5

Where: High Point, NC

A Tree Falls on Your First Bought Home…

What do you do when a tree falls on your house during a pandemic at 26 years old! While time was not on their side as each time it rained, more damage added up! These first time home owners had no idea what to do or who to call, and were busy handling insurance claims in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic. We were able to get them more than what they orginally paid after purchase price and insurance. They no longer had to worry about any of the repairs or hassle of trying to get this house back to living condition.

Who: First time home buyers

What: We handled all repairs and made sure this situation did not get worse by getting them cash quick and easy to have a fresh start at their new place!

Simply Sold Property Review: 5/5

Where: Greensboro, NC

We Buy Houses From The Bank Too!

What: This property was one that we had renovated and flipped. Pretty unique angles on this house right?! Sold with in days on the market.

Who: Bank Owned Property

Where: Lincolnton NC

The Quick & Easy Sale

“A Great Relief… We had been thinking of selling for some time and were very pleased to have a fixer upper handle the work needed. “

Who: We bought this property from a landlord in California that had bad tenants and did not take care of the place… Sound familiar?

What: This 3 Bed 1 Bath Brick Ranch will be one of our rental properties!

Where: High Point, NC

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Bob H

“I enjoyed doing business with Simply Sold and would work with them again” -Bob Hight

They made the process easier than dealing with an agent and I liked how you only had to come out to the property one time. Closing was on time and professionally handled

- Bob H