How Do NC Cash Home Buyers Make Offers? (Real Example)

How Do Cash Home Buyers Make Offers? (Example)

Selling Your House To a NC Cash Home Buyer

So by now im sure you have been called by at least a dozen NC cash home buyers that are raving about how they can buy your house cash only to be let down by their low ball offer.

Do they really think that people are that desperate to sell when the market is on FIRE?!

We understand that youre not going to just take some low ball offer just because there are no agents, showings or closing costs. It simply would not make sense to sell your house for less than its worth.

Thats why we give you our absolute best offer where were not looking to make a million dollars on one flip, but rather keep our repair costs and profits as low as possible so can put more $ in the sellers pockets & flip more houses in North Carolina!

Check out this walk through and how we calculated our offer price!

NC Cash Home Buyer Offer Formula

Before & After High Point Flip

Your Offer = After Repair Value – Cost Of Repairs – Our Selling Costs & Minimum Profit

ARV – After Repair Value

We first look to see what similar houses have sold for recently in the last 6-12 months in the area. We look at price per square foot of homes sold in the area.

Repair Costs – We Buy Houses in Any Condition! Dont think that if your house needs too much repairs we wont be interested.

This house actually had purple carpet, The kitchen cabinets were all Brown and rather old, the laundry room was very rotted. The bathroom actually had carpet, which I think is just probably my biggest pet peeve. (One of the grossest things you can do in a house is have carpet in the bathroom)


We Buy Houses In Any Condition

Minimum Profit & Selling Cost – Were a business. In order to be able to provide home owners with an easier way of selling, we have to be making some profit to put food on our tables too. Were not looking to make $1,000,000 on one deal. Like I mentioned, our model is actually based around doing more deals and making less per deal because we know you are not going to sell for anything less than what the property is worth.

145,000 – 38,000 – 25,000 = $82,000

If your house does not need as much work or any repairs, we may be able to offer full retail value where there are zero agent fees, closing costs and you get to choose your closing date.

How Can A NC Cash Home Buyer Net Me More $$$

This house was in terrible condition from the roof and plumbing leaking to the HVAC not providing sufficient heating and air.

To sell this house on the market, the seller would be asked to do most of the repairs and if they were looking to sell “As Is” our agents estimated around $80-90k.

We offered them $80,000 cash, no inspections, no appraisals. They were able to pretty much pick their own closing date on things and we handled them everything for them. They probably would have got, maybe $90,000, but after 6% agent fees, after closing costs, after inspection, after the whole process of it, they definitely would not have net $80,000 cash because 90,000 times or 6% in agent fees. We were able to save them time, money, hassle, by not inspecting the property where they didn’t have to do any of the repairs themselves. We came in, made this house great and flipped it and made great profit off of it. Great house for us.

This is just a little simple breakdown of how we make cash offers and how investors are going to approach your house if you’re looking to sell your house for cash, without having to handle all the stress, hassle, repairs, inspections, that normally go with the traditional sale.

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