How We Buy Houses Greensboro NC (COVID-19 Safe) – Is It a Good Time to Sell my House?

We’ve all heard it a million times that we are in “Unprecedented times” and I think everybody is just about tired of hearing Coronavirus every. Single. Day. We’re all hoping to get back to some kind of normalcy, but the questions is when and how far away are we from normal?

Nearly every single industry was impacted by the pandemic, unemployment is currently at 14% and mortgage applications decreased by roughly 20% year over year! This is leaving millions of home owners all through North Carolina asking, “is it a good time to sell my house?”

Is It a Good Time to Sell my House?

Yes! Extremely low mortgage rates, (Currently 3.56% for a 30 year mortgage) low supply on the market and built up demand are great indicators that yes, it is a good time to sell my house!

Just in December, interest rates were above 4% which can make hundreds of dollars difference in your monthly payments!

So whats the difference between a 4% interest 30 year mortgage and a 3.5% interest? Well, hundreds of dollars per month could be the deciding factor! You could end up paying $600 or more per year just cause of a 0.5% difference in interest rates. So If you have been waiting for the right time to buy, now is better than ever. The answer to “Is it a good time to sell my house” would be yes! Take advantage of the record low rates!

There are 2 Types of Sellers? Which Are You?

Type A) Looking to get the absolute max price for their house.

Requires: Hiring and paying 6% agent commissions, making repairs updates to get top dollar, waiting months to get a buyer, financing, appraisals and closing costs.

We Pay More For Houses

Type B) Looking for convenience and a quick and easy sale at a fair price

Requires: Finding a “We Buy Houses” Company like Simply Sold Property to handle everything for you. Skip hiring an agent, showings, repairs and get cash in less than 2 weeks! We’ll handle everything for you and save you from wasting time & hassle

We Buy Houses Greensboro NC

Know that you have options when selling your house and that an agent may not be the best choice for everyone. If you’re looking for advice on your current housing situation, give us a call at 336-530-5204 to see how we can explain your options and advise which is the best choice for your individual situation and needs. Expand your knowledge and see what a “We Buy Houses” company can offer you ( It could save you time & money!)

Ask us How we can save you time and money!

Our 4 Step Process – How We Buy Houses Greensboro North Carolina

Tell us about your situation and your goals of selling your house so we can help you understand your options and which is best for you! We buy houses Greensboro NC in any condition and no matter what scenario you may be facing.

Before you sell your house with an agent, see what we could offer by calling or filling out our short form. We then will give you a call to chat about your property, its condition, and a little background information to help understand your scenario and goals. We can make you a cash offer based off what similar properties are selling for nearby and the current condition. If you love our offer, great! If not, no problem either we can give it a shot. For a No obligation cash home offer call Simply Sold Property in Greensboro North Carolina.

Simply Sold Property: We Buy Houses in Greensboro North Carolina for Cash and provide an alternative method to selling your house quick and easy. Sell your house without a realtor and skip on costly repairs & waiting months in uncertainty as your house sits on the market.

Are you type A or type B? Are you going to capitalize on the record low mortgage rates or wait to pay hundreds / thousands more per year?

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The Most SIMPLE Way to Sell Your NC house!

WE BUY NC HOUSES in any condition. No Fees, Commissions, Closing Costs or Repairs needed. Get Your Free Market Analysis & Fair Cash Offer Today
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